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Farwell of Champions!

News: 2014-07-27 23:57,

On Saturday more than thousand of fans gathered in front of the hall at Marathon street during a special gala to celebrate the first championship of PGE Turow Zgorzelec. In addition to the official presentation of the team, fans of the club from the border city witnessed the band Kramer, singer Kamila Ignatowicz and orchestra mining of Bogatynia.

From promotion to Championship! A great season of PGE Turow!

News: 2014-07-27 23:51,

Almost eight years PGE Turow Zgorzelec fans have been waiting for the first gold. In the border town of exceptional brillance shining star coach Saso Filipovski, Thomas Kelati, David Logan or Torey Thomas but none of these basketball personalities despte fierce series was not able to gold the border, exciting basketball town. Historical success achieved however a team led by coach Miodrag Rajkovic - a team that in the course of the season was tarnished with the enormity of problems, both health and those non-sport.  Now, nearly 10 years after promotion to the Premier League, Turow that will soon move to a modern facility, celebrating the historic championship and waiting for the debut in the elite Euroleague. On our pages we present the experssions of Waldemar Luczak, Maciej Zmijewski, Michal Chylinski, Filip Dylewicz and Lukasz Wisniewski.

PGE Turow Zgorzelec the Champions of Poland!

News: 2014-07-27 23:37,

Since 2007, the basketball part of Zgorzelec, have been waiting for the first gold.Stuck for many years on the second place, PGE Turow Zgorzelec basketball after a great performance in the final duel defeated Stelmet Zielona Gora 72:60 and reached for the first ever club championship of Poland! MVP of finals was elected Dylewicz. We showed character of winners - said coach Miodrag Rajkovic.

Smolnik the best

News: 2014-07-27 23:28,

Tuesday afternoon in the hall of CSR in Zgorzelec ther was another tournament played involving the basketball schools of PGE Turow Zgorzelec. This time on the court a fierce rivalry was held among the students of IV-VI grade. Competition for honors was fiernce and extremaly interesting.

Stelmet extends the fight for gold

News: 2014-07-27 23:25,

PGE Turow Zgorzelec did not bear pressures and hardship of fifth final clash. Game resolved in favor of prudent playing in the second half Stelmet. -It was our worst game in the last two, three months- said coach Miodrag Rajkovic. Although it was the night he had to pour champagne in Hall at Maratonska street, the final series still continuoes and the next match will be played on Wednesday in Zielona Gora. - We need to prepare now quite different in terms of the mental. Today, we really wanted to win - added Damian Kulig.

PGE Turow close to Championship!

News: 2014-07-27 23:19,

PGE Turow Zgorzelec are just a step away from the historical championship tittle! Pupils of coach Miodrag Rajkovic defeated Stelmet in Zielona Gora 81:75 and in series to four victories already lead 3-1! I hope that stelmet liked their last match in their own hall in the current season - said after the meeting confident JP Prince.

Great emotions in Zielona Gora. Wisnia: we should lead 3-0.

News: 2014-07-27 23:11,

Lukasz Koszarek prejudged the first final with this free throws in overtime and in addition for one point victory over PGE Turow Zgorzelec. Representatives of the club from the border town had no doubt - there shouldn`t have been any throws because foul of JP Prince was one of those in series of controversial. Miodrag Rajkovic seething with anger, and Dylewicz wrange with the judges. it is not, however, what have led to the change in the result. The team from Zgorzelec made errors and this time Stelmet created a real basketball spectacle.

Fought till the end

News: 2014-07-27 22:59,

On Thursday afternoon at the arena at Maratonska street there was held a struggle for the title of best teams in classes I-III of elementary schools. The competition was attended by eight teams. -In addition to teams consisting of basketball players from Zgorzelec  the competition didnt lack of representation of Smolnik, Osiek Luzycki and Bogatynia and Raidnbow school.

Dylewicz gave a final blow

News: 2014-07-27 22:54,

Not overshadowed by the aggresive defence of Stelmet JP Prince, but experienced Filip Dylewicz prejudged a fate of the second final with his throw from the distance 52 seconds before the end of the meeting. -This shot killed us and took faith in victory -admitted Przemyslaw Zamojski. Although the black and greens probably go toward the club`s first ever championship title, Damian Kulig calmed moods -Both taems want to win the championship and leave the heart on the court. Contraty to appearances, the road to gold is still long.

Not to ignore the champions

News: 2014-07-27 22:43,

Black and greens certainly cannot ignore the champion. Guest have not lost in the season two games in a row. The coach Mihailo Uvalin admitted at the post game press confernce simply: too much energy lost in the discussion with the judges and Dylewicz said: -It is a pity that we have to continue winning till four wins in a series, and not one. It will be a tiring series.

They made a first step

News: 2014-07-27 22:34,

Pumped from a few days balloon with the sign"grand finale of Tauron Basket League" broke out and met the exceptations. PGE Turow and Stelmet created a good, exciting spectacle. In the hall ast Maratonska street there was almost everything: glamorous ripples of Christian Eyenga, lively blocks of Michael Taylor, explosive reactionf of Mihailo Uvalin, attempting to jump to each other` s throat Tony Talor and Eyenga and a beautiful concert of JP Prince who scored a total of 30points. After the first game of the finals a team from the border town is closer to convected gold.

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