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TBL: Three points to record

News: 2015-01-25 22:43,

After two quarters of the match in Zgorzelec, it was clear that the winner of the duel between PGE Turow and Jezioro Tarnobrzeg will be the Polish Champions team. After twenty minutes of meeting players of Miodrag Rajkovic ran 58:31 and it was the third consecutive match in which PGE Turow there a minimum of 50points in one half.

Mardy Collins: I don`t like cold

News: 2015-01-25 22:22,

New York, Los Angeles, Athens and Philadelphia. These are the cities in which lived an extremaly versatile player of PGE Turow Zgorzelec, Mardy Collins.

Eurocup. Michal First the Great

News: 2015-01-25 22:12,

High win over Telenet Ostend has put fans in Zgorzelec in good moods. Father`s of this success was undoubtedly Michal Chylinski. One of the most experienced basketball player of champions of Poland played almost flawlessly and led his team to a very important victory in the European Cup.

Eurocup: Backstage of the game against Telenet

News: 2015-01-25 21:47,

A match against Belgian champions was perfect in execution of PGE Turow Zgorzelec. We asked Damian Kulig and Ivan Zigeranovic, MIchal Chylinski and Mateusz Ponitka for opinions. We invite you to read below.E

Eurocup. Second victory in three games

News: 2015-01-25 21:25,

PGE Turow sensational match. Polish champion blew in the European Cup competitions Telent Ostenda 99:71. At some point of the meeting Turow run with difference of even 31 points.

Eurocup: Energy of Ponitka and transition of J.P.

News: 2015-01-25 19:38,

Threating transitions from defence to attack performed by JP Prince, energy and foundation of Mateus Ponitka at power forward position -  these are the most important elemetns of Telente Ostend, PGE Turow`s rival in the European Cup. Miodrag Rajkovic talks about the rival an hour before the game.

PolishCup: Czarni Slusk as a rival of PGE Turow

News: 2015-01-25 19:26,

In Gdynia there was a draw of pairs of Polish Cup quarter -finals. PGE Turow Zgorzelec will play on February 19th against Czarni Slupsk for promotion to the semifinals.

Miodrag Rajkovic. A weekly break? I need to remind myself microcycles.

News: 2015-01-25 19:19,

A weekly break between Baloncesto Sevill and Telent ostend awaits basketball players of PGE Turow Zgorzelec. Such a long break in the competition the players haven`t had from a very long time during this season. Coach Miodrag Rajkovic even jokes that he must open the notes to remind himself microcycles of the team playing every weeks.

EuroCup: Media about the win over Baloncesto

News: 2015-01-25 18:58,

PGE Turow`s first victory in the European Cup didn`t go unnoticed by polish media. What is written about the success of the Polish champoins over Balonceto Sevilla? We invite you to read the text below.

Eurocup. The won in the last seconds

News: 2015-01-18 20:15,

Vlad Moldoveanu-Sorin and his steady hands at the free throw line provided first victory to PGE Turow in European Cup. Polish champoins defeated Baloncesto Sevilla 87:34.

Eurocup games of Turow in TVP Wroclaw

News: 2015-01-18 20:01,

Home gaems of PGE Turow Zgorzelec in European Cup competition will be avaliable to watch on TVP Wroclaw.

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